What is the material of the furniture leg pad?

1, fabric furniture leg pad. The cloth and chair pad protection pad is made of cloth material, which is the most commonly used one. It is generally composed of cotton lining, cotton lace hem, cotton and linen thick quilted appearance, elastic band closing and other parts. Pad protection pad. It usually has the function of non-slip wear and noise reduction, so the table and chair mute pad becomes another name.
2, plush furniture leg pad. It is also very common to create table and chair foot pad protection pads with plush. It's like putting a jacket on the chair, especially in the cold winter, the plush table and chair pads can give you a rare warmth. 3, acrylic furniture foot pad. In addition to the table and chair pads that appear in the form of protective sleeves described above, many people will directly use the floor mats as the foot pads under the tables and chairs. Such a floor mat is smaller than a normal carpet. It is made of acrylic fiber and is mainly round or square. It has a variety of patterns on it. It often has a very good decorative effect with the tile style, and can also become a home decoration. Highlights. Such a floor mat can also be used as a general carpet.
4, silicone furniture leg pad. The special material of transparent silica gel is used to create the dining chair pad protection pad. It can be said that the dining chair pad is more flexible, wear-resistant and durable. Generally, the bottom part will be made of special non-woven fabric. It can better avoid the friction collision between the chair foot and the floor material, and better extend its service life.