How to operate the trekking pole

1.Flat and gentle uphill: Take the same rhythm as usual walking. The right arm will move forward with the trekking pole on the left foot forward, but the tip of the stick should not exceed the front of the body, and then push it against the ground. The left hand and the right hand interact to do the same thing.


2, the steep slope of the slope: the action is the same as walking, but the arm should be placed in front of the body in front of the body, using the trekking pole to support the body upwards, to reduce the pressure on the legs, if necessary, you can use both Only the trekking poles do the climbing action. When pushing the body up, the palm can be placed on the top of the trekking pole to strengthen the pushing force.


3, downhill: due to the impact of the downhill is relatively large, this time you must use the trekking pole to reduce the load on the leg, so the position of the trekking pole must be placed in front of the body, and must be reached before the forefoot to reach Sharing the effect of strength, so the body will definitely lean forward. This action is not the natural movement of our downhill slope. Therefore, we need to practice frequently. At the same time, we must feel how far the trekking pole should be placed to achieve the effect of slowing down the leg pressure. And will not slow down the speed and rhythm of the original travel. When necessary, you can lengthen the length of the trekking pole and adjust it according to your personal feelings.