Which is better for mahogany furniture protection pad soles?

The key to furniture chair mats depends on the basic elements: to see the thickness, the thickness of furniture chair mats on the market is generally 2MM, 5MM, 7MM, 1CM, the thickness is generally thicker, the thicker the better, the thicker and more expensive, suitable for It is good; look at the weight, not necessarily the heavier the better, the key to see the material, such as very heavy, the current general weight between 2KG ~ 3KG; see the anti-skid effect, anti-skid is a measure of the quality of 3D furniture chair mat is good or bad Logo; look at the stereo effect, because it is a three-dimensional furniture chair mat, so the stereo effect is definitely the more three-dimensional the better; look at the effect of the post, because they are dedicated to the car, the different manufacturers produce the mold out of the different effects, so the effect of the service is also measured One of the good and bad; look at the price and price, anyway, the more expensive, the better, not the cheaper, the better, the best cost-effective combination of the above; look at the brand, see the effect of use. Furniture chair pad attention to choose safety first, It is best to use it exclusively, it will not slide, depending on whether there is any smell, if there is any smell, it may endanger the health for a long time; the color should also match the color of the indoor furniture items; The cleaning of the floor mats should be easy, so that it is easy to take care of.

  The above is a good statement, the furniture protection mat does not use that kind of, mainly with the anti-slip silencer with a sturdy function, no need to consider more factors to buy.