Home Premium Rubber Door Stopperper

Product name:With Storage Holder Door Stop Rubber Wedge Door Stopper .
Type:Door Stops
Model Number:Rubber Wedge Door Stopper
Material:Nature rubber or silicone
Color:Black, red or customized

Material: TPR+Plastic
Measure Size: 4.8"L x 1.5"W x 1"H Weight:67g
Color: Grey

you could stick the holder anywhere you like, it is standing there inside its hook provides a convenient reach to the door wedge whenever required.

USE Anywhere and Multi-function:
- Stoppers could be stacked to fit different gap size
- Due to light-weighted and portable, it is very suitable for home and office.
- Non-slip texture for optimum friction with any flooring surface. Stops drafting doors perfectly even the heavy ones!

Feature:Aging high & low temperature resistance
Function:Avoid door slam, mistaken locking, reduce noise

 A rubber door stopper is a cheap way to protect your walls or easily keep your doors open. There are many different door stop types. Some of them are installed on the wall where the door knob would impact with the wall. Other rubber stoppers are attached to the wall near the floor and prevent the door from hitting the wall and damaging it.

The dimensions and colors can be customized, welcome to your inquiry.