Heighten rubber Door stopper

Material: Plastic

[Specification] 15.5cm x 5.5cm (suitable for the gap between door and floor 1.5cm~4.5cm)

【Colour: Black

[Remarks] Suitable for gap between door and floor 1.5cm~4.5cm

  [Treasurer said] Use a good door, and then gently use the foot to kick the inside of the door, so that the plug plug tightly, so you can increase the friction between the bottom of the plug and the ground, ordinary home basically no problem.

When used in the bathroom, the ground cannot have water, otherwise it will reduce the friction between the plug and the ground.

 Note: When the wind is particularly large, the door must be fully opened. This way, the side of the door is affected by wind and the resistance is small. The door stopper can handle it. Otherwise, if the door is partially closed, the front of the door is affected by wind and the contact surface is large. The friction against the plug is not enough to keep the door stationary.