Stainless steel quality protective rubber door stopper

Color: Light.
Material: Zinc Alloy.
Length: About 12cm.
Max Height: About 3cm.
Minium Height: About 0.5cm.

Door wedge-premium quality stainless steel and rubber - this secure/safe door stop is ideal for long life use under doors for houses, schools, shops , storage, garages, warehouses, hospitals, classrooms and hotels !

Home, commercial, industrial and office use - with an adaptable original build, door blocker may be used for keeping both heavy duty and large doors open, yet also hold the front the doors. strong grip against (no sliding) works on wood, floors, tiles, laminate, linoleum , concrete parquet, cement plate and carpet!

Original, strong and modern decorative design - the iron chrome door wedge is made out of perfect stainless steel and it works for all types of house hold - the rubber layers (bottom, top) protect the surface of the floor, wall, door/window from damage and scratch!

Your child 's safety! - the new black foam door pinch finger gift safeguard tool is mounts easily and prevents getting the kids fingers hand stuck in the door and puts a stop to block or barricade the pets,cats, dogs and other animals inside living, kitchen and bedroom! they will love it!

Can be used on both sides according the distance between the bottom of the door and the floor. Also stackable for various needs.

Durable and easy to use, no drills and other tools needed.

The sloped design and anti-slip feature provide ultimate gripping power. Provides an optimum friction effect to keep doors open, ensures your families' safety.

Insert the door stop wedge into the gap between the bottom of door and floor tightly, and it can effectively stop the door. It gets a good grip for all kinds of doors and floor surfaces, like tiles, carpet, laminate floors, wood door, metal door, glass door, etc.