Silicone Baking Mat

Regular Dimension:
295mm*210mm ,375mm*275mm  ,380mm*580mm,420mm*280mm

300mm*400mm ,250mm*150mm,295mm*420mm ,600mm*400mm    

330mm*230mm,280mm*205mm ,520mm*315mm ,580mm*380mm

Other sizes can also be customized

Thickness: 0.8mm, 0.40mm.


1. 100% food grade silicone fiberglass
2. High Temperature resistant from -40oC up to 250oC (-40 degrees F to 482 degrees F)
3. Durable non-stick easy clean surface, dishwasher safe
4. Used in conventional or microwave ovens for baking
5. Logo printing,labels can be available to you

-Base / oven racks

Advantage due to pure silicone baking mat
1. Fire resistance:it will not be burned even if with the fire ,while pure silicone baking mat will burn in this situation.
2. Excellent tenacity and Tearing resistance:silicone and glass fiber combined under high   temperature and high pressure makes the product's tenacity maximize,it will not break no matter how it be teared.But,under this situation, pure silicone mat will break.
3. Thin appearance and Sturdy hardness,can be tidily placed,while with the same thickness, pure silicone mat is much softer,not as tidily as the former.
4. Long service life:3 times longer than pure silicone baking mat.
5. Besides,glass fiber silicone baking mat has all the features that pure silicone mat has.


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