Square Nail On Chair Glides

1.Sliding: Teflon pads have a good sliding, allowing you to move your furniture, fast and easy.
2. moisture resistance: Teflon pad does not touch water and oil, such as sticking a small amount of dirt, simple wipe to clear.
3.wear resistance: Under high load, with excellent wear resistance. Under certain loads, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-adhesion.
4. Corrosion Resistance: Teflon pads are almost free of chemicals and can protect furniture against any kind of chemical corrosion.

Can make the heavy and big furniture  to move easily,
Protect the floor and carpet from screatching when move the furniture.
Don't  need to clean them for a long time.





Product name: 

1.Clean surface and leave the surface to dry thoroughly.
2.Peel the backing paper off, and take care not to touch the adhesive.
3.Stick the pad to the place where you want.
4.Paste pad on object, even if pad is not enough thick, increase any pad on the pad.
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