Teflon glides with screw PTFE Furniture Sliders

Material:PTFE (Teflon)

Diameter: 19mm,22mm,25mm,30mm,38mm,50mm,65mm


Thickness: 6mm,7mm

1.Can make the heavy and big furniture  to move easily,Reduces noise,Protects floors
2.Protect the floor and carpet from screatching when move the furniture.
3.Don't  need to clean them for a long time.
4.Furniture gliders out of plastic with PTFE-coating for screwing.
5.With generous rubber buffer to absorb noises and vibrations.
6.Hygienic & reliable furniture and floor protection from scratches and damage.

Used for wooden furniture legs to reduce scratch, tremble and noise so as to protect the delicate floor and furniture.

Heavy furniture slider:

ptfe furniture sliders allow to move your heavy furnitures easy&safety.design to protect your carpeted,wooden, laminate ,vinyl ,or tiled floors

Easily installatinon:
1.) please carefully clean the surfaces to which the screw on furniture sliders will drilled - then wipe dry.
2.)put the furniture sliders on the wooden leg ,and put the screws into the middle hole
3.) drill the screws of the furniture sliders on the leg bottom tightly.