Square Furniture self adhesive Teflon Glider

Teflon furniture glides, self-adhesive.

PTFE coating has similar qualities to a Teflon pan. It is non-stick, furniture can be moved quickly and easily. Other applications: PTFE gliders are suitable for nearly all floors furniture glides also can be used on soft carpeted floors or on all hard floor surfaces such as tiles, parquet or laminate flooring.

Furniture Glides or chair glides protect parquet, laminate, wooden or other sensitive flooring from wear and tear from the shifting of furniture. The glide is secured to the underside of the item of furniture. Depending on the product, the glider can be glued, screwed or nailed. Self-adhesive slides are generally used with metal furniture.

Also for furniture which is not moved constantly, such as chairs and stools. For this type of furniture, it is better to use screw-in slides. Depending on the material, you can distinguish the Teflon glider, felt glider and metal gliders whereby the Teflon gliders are used on carpet, blunt floors, while felt gliders are used mainly on smooth floors.