PTFE Furniture Glider Teflon self adhesive


Item Weight:59g

Furniture Glides/chair glides protect parquet, laminate or other Sensitive floors against signs of wear thanks to the removable of furniture.Of the glide is secured to the underside of the question Furniture Piece. Each Continues to product the slider which can be glued screwed.Self adhesive slide come in at the metal furniture for use. As well as For furniture which are not in constant movement, such as chairs and Stool. Should be used for crafted types better glides for screws.

We offer Teflon slide, round and square, self-adhesive or screwing.

As well as felt gliders Round, made of plastic or iron, screw.

For minimum frictional resistance and super lubricity your furniture.

So you can write a movable objects such as on wheels with be used on all standard floor coverings such as laminate, tiles, carpet etc.

Easily moves your heaviest furniture & protect floor


1.Bonds well to most furniture surface, like wood, laminate, metal and plastic.

2.Attaches sequrely to bottom of desks , armoires, book cases, display cases, TV stands, bureaus etc.

3.Sliders easily on carpeting, wood floors, ceramice tiles, linoleum and smooth surfaces, reducing attrition and  noise.

4. Will not scratch, mark or damage floors or carpets and destigned to absorb the impact of floor surface changes.

5. For use in the home, office, workshop etc.