Self Adhesive Furniture Moving Slider for Carpet Slider


Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm

Easy moving-by sticking furniture sliders under the furniture,you can shuffled the heavy furniture around without any hassle! furniture slider makes home clean up and furniture rearranging a million times easier! much relief for the back!

safe on floors & protect your back:the foam eva backing makes these furniture sliders easily stick to all kinds of furniture, so you can move them easily without tearing apart your carpet; smooth finish on the back ensure you can easily move your heaviest furniture, no more aching back!

multi-purpose & reusable:great for moving heavy furniture over your carpet floors, and even better to leave them beneath your heavy furniture like your bed, chair, credenza etc., making it super easy to vacuum or clean the carpet!

protecting the carpet- furniture sliders will prevent holes being poked or driven into the carpet.self stick furniture slider can be placed permanently under furniture legs that are frequently moved in the room for protecting the floor.
made from high density polyethylene: furniture slider features slick hdpe plastic, super strong adhesive that securely grips furniture for a long-lasting hold.
self stick furniture slider can be placed permanently under furniture legs,you are able to move any time.

to use:1.) please carefully clean the surfaces to which the furniture slider will be adhered,and remove all dirt and grease - for best results, also sand slightly with fine sandpaper - then wipe dry. 2.) pull the furniture slider off the protective cover and press the adhesive white eva foam side onto the clean and dry surface of the furniture leg. 3.) in order to maximize the adhesive strength of the furniture sliders, do not use or move the piece of furniture for one hour.