Note! Anti-collision purchase, a good helper in the family

*What is the collision angle?

  The anti-collision angle is a protective material placed on the sharp corner of the furniture to protect people from these sharp corners. It is usually made of NBR, PVC (medical) and other materials, which can effectively protect the naughty family. member. The more common anti-collision angles are spherical and right-angled. The shape of this product on the market is diverse. The selection of materials is polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber, thermoplastic vulcanized rubber, and the price is not the same. When choosing, it is mainly judged from its thickness, feel, and smoothness of the surface.

*The characteristics of the anti-collision angle

When the anti-collision angle has the following characteristics, it means that the product is an excellent product:

1. The surface is not rough, smooth and no protrusion, easy to clean.

2. It is flexible, not hard, and can effectively stop slipping.

3. It has adsorption, no mold, vibration, no thermal conductivity, and can be soundproof.

4. No toxicity, no volatilization, no burning.

5. It can be sticky, the glue will not overflow, and the traces left after withdrawal can be easily removed. The small family members are active and love to run. It is very likely that they will hit the furniture during the exercise. It is very dangerous if they hit the sharp corner. Therefore, a safe environment is very important, and this product can achieve good results. But this does not mean that adults do not need care when the small members play.


* Is it necessary to buy a corner guard?

 Most of the children around the age of 1 will leave, they can slowly move on their own, and adults can not watch them all the time. If they hit the sharp corners of these furniture, it is very dangerous. Therefore, placing a corner guard at these sharp corners can reduce the likelihood of your child being hurt. · Large-scale use: This product can be placed at right angles in the home decoration, glass corners, table corners, corners, etc. This product can be installed in the furniture decoration, such as: desktop, corner, etc., can be right angle or flat. It not only protects family members, but also protects household products. It can protect the glass corner, the corner of the door, the corner of the tea table and so on.

*Precautions for using the anti-collision angle

Generally, the anti-collision angle is relatively thick and soft, and it is very elastic. It has double-sided tape and can be firmly adhered to the sharp corners, which can effectively reduce the chance of the child being hurt. The following points are noteworthy during the use process:

1. Before use, the area to be pasted should be wiped clean to ensure no dust, no stains, and can be firmly stuck.

2. During the pasting process, firmly attach the rubber pad to the surface of the anti-collision corner, and then press it tightly to avoid air bubbles.

3. After sticking, don't try it right away, wait until 12h later.

4. If you want to remove the anti-collision angle, pull it with horizontal force from the horizontal direction, you can remove it smoothly, and avoid pulling from other directions.

5. If the glue sticks to the furniture, you can pour warm water onto the surface of the gel. Wipe it with a clean cloth for several times and wipe it clean.

6. During the installation process, do not stain the rubber pad, and do not touch it repeatedly and repeat it.

7. Children's curiosity is relatively heavy, so it is best not to install and remove them in front of them to prevent them from imitating these movements and loosening the corner guard.

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