Introduction and characteristics of EVA mats/pads

EVA foot pad introduction:

(E) is obtained by copolymerization with vinyl acetate (VA), the full name of English: EthyleneVinylAcetate. Referred to as EVA, the content is 5% to 40%. Compared with polyethylene, EVA is widely used in foaming shoes due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer in the molecular chain, which reduces high crystallinity, improves flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility and heat sealing performance. Materials, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable and toys. EVA is a relatively common midsole material. It is usually called foaming once and has a certain buffering effect. However, this material is very slippery, so it is generally mixed with hard rubber.

EVA foot pad product features: heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance, waterproof, good elasticity, easy processing

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