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Information on China furniture protection felt. As the company continues to grow, WEILIYS felt launches many products such as furniture mat felt according to consumer needs, which meets the needs of enterprises in different places and at different levels. In addition, the reasonable internal competition mechanism promotes our company Achieved impressive results within. Furniture mat felt has a good product reputation and a good reputation in the country, which has brought the effect of protecting table and chair feet, sofa feet or bed feet from being damaged for consumers.


Furniture foot pad felt is in the leading position of product supply in the field of woolen fabric industry. We always believe that only good quality furniture mat felts and intimate services and reasonable product prices can bring economic benefits to the company and bring products to customers. We welcome customers in need to visit our company. Warm felt will continue to increase investment, continue to increase research and development capabilities, weaving printing and dyeing technology, and make unremitting efforts to provide high-quality, stylish furniture mat felts to domestic and foreign markets.

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